Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Mac Divine Night Haul

Private Party Lipstick (Plummy Purple)
Talk Of The Town Blush (Dark Rosé)
Lavish Living Blush (Dark Plum)
Lured To Love Blush (Light Apricot)

As you guys know, the newest Lilited Edition 'Divine Night' by Mac Cosmetics just entered the Stores on November the 1st all over the globe. Since I started working or I'd better say started my internship at the counter one month ago, I got so excited for this Collection. Many of you might know, that I'm a total sucker for blushes and I can't stop buying them :)
This collection includes mainly Mineralize Products which are really really pretty. I'm still thinking about getting one of the Mineralize Skinfinishes...
Where you guys able to score anything you wanted from this collection?

XOXO, Carrie